Weekly Shutterstock Free Images, Vectors and More

shutterstock-homeShutterstock prides itself as one of the largest and most vibrant stock photo websites in the market. It caters to all creative professionals, including bloggers, businesses, web designers and photographers. With stock files coming from photographers in over 100 countries, it offers a wide variety of images. You will surely find what you are looking for. However, these are not only the reasons why you should consider the stock site as your primary image bank.

Shutterstock offers free creative files every week. Every week for the duration of your free account, you are entitled to one image and one vector every week.

  • Shutterstock Free Photo of the Week. Shutterstock makes the sign up process extra tempting by offering free photos every week. All the images are available in high resolution, which is rare with all the free images scattered around the Internet. The photos are also available in all sizes. You will surely find the right size for your creative projects. Moreover, the images are available in standard licenses – allowing you to use the images for anything.
  • Shutterstock Free Vector of the Week. What is a vector? Most people who are not graphic designers do not understand what vector art is. Let us help you bridge the gap. Vector is created using vector illustration programs. These programs use geometric primitives and mathematic equations to create a clean, camera-ready and infinitely scaled art. Vector is generally used for logos as the art does not become distorted when the picture is enlarged.The free vector of the week can be enjoyed upon registration to the website. The free account entitles you to high resolution vector images in various sizes. You can download any size that fits your creative needs for free. It also comes with a standard license, allowing you to use the vector in any project for as long as you like. If you need the vector for larger prints and advertising, just upgrade to an Enhanced License anytime.


Shutterstock provides not only free photos and vectors of the week but a lot more. You can browse through over 70 million photos, illustrations, vectors and more by just setting up a free account. All these are available at simple and flat pricing. You can choose between purchasing a single image or subscribing to a plan, whichever suits your budget and creative needs. Moreover, you can edit your images for free with the use of the new innovative tool Shutterstock Editor.

Find everything you need for your creative projects now. Download instantly with a Shutterstock free account and get subscriptions and images on demand for your budget. You can visit this link for a better understanding of Shutterstock pricing. Download the free application from App Store and Google Play Store to search for images anywhere and anytime.

6 Shutterstock Coupon Code Tips You Need to Consider

shutterstock-logoWhen it comes to coupon for Shutterstock, there are a few things you should know. First of all, the coupon codes are available at the stock photo agency itself and its affiliate, stockphotosecrets.com. If you are not subscribed to the stock site yet, you can get your free Shutterstock coupon codes on sign up with Stock Photo Secret’s link. If you are already subscribed to the website, you can get it from the website itself. Either way, you are giving yourself the opportunity to increase your savings.


  1. Small savings can add up in the long run. If you think that getting Shutterstock coupons does not give you enough savings, you are wrong. Even those 25 cents can make a difference – especially if you purchase regularly. Shutterstock coupon codes give you as much as 20% discount. When these add up, you can save hundreds to a few thousands of dollars per year.
  2. Take baby steps. Clearly, you need to reduce your budget, thus the search for Shutterstock coupons. If your goal is to save $10 dollars per subscription, you can start by getting coupons. Once you get the hand of it, you can increase your savings by getting more coupons. While Shutterstock does not allow combining these coupons, it will give you more options when deciding the amount of discounts you want to get.
  3. Do what you can. Some weeks, you will be able to give more time planning what images go well with your projects. Some days, you will spend more time on saving. Whatever it is, do what you can. After, something is always better than nothing.
  4. Make Shutterstock couponing a game. Challenge yourself and make getting Shutterstock coupons fun. When you treat saving money a game, it can be exciting.
  5. Find other people who may share your excitement and goals. It is always fun to meet new people, especially those who share the same goals. It helps you keep accountable as well. If none of your circle is interested, there are blogs, forums, and creative communities to connect with.
  6. Find a formula that works best for your projects. The number one purpose of coupon codes is to help you save for your project and for your family.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach in everything in life, but we hope that these tips will help you enjoy using coupon for Shutterstock more. Shutterstock coupons can increase your savings, even if it only cuts a couple of dollars from the original price. If you require many images on a regular basis, these stashes could add up and result to more savings. Get your Shutterstock coupon code now!

How You Can Get a DepositPhotos Discount Instantly

depositphotos-categoriesWhen it comes to your marketing strategy, nothing provides better value for the money than stock photos. However, stock photos aren’t exactly cheap. If you examine some of the more expensive packages, you can be paying more than $900 for a single photo. At that cost, you might as well have your own photo shoot in the world nicest hotel located in the world’s most expensive resort.

Your average stock photo does not cost $900. In fact, you can expect be paying anywhere from $2 – $10 for stock photos that work well for you and do their job. However, if you do your research – and you are, or you wouldn’t be here – you can get a DepositPhotos discount instantly. This discount entails 35 and free photos over the period of a seven-day free trial, plus an instant 15 percent discount on your first purchase.

If you consider the fact that DepositPhotos has a library with over 19 million images, you’re getting quite a deal. We’re able to bring you this deal exclusively through Stock Photo Secrets because we negotiated directly with the owners of the website to create this win-win scenario. Here’s how it works.

register-in-depositphotosBefore you sign up for a brand-new account with DepositPhotos, visit us first as you need to use our link to get this discount. This link will bring you to a special Stock Photo Secrets page that DepositPhotos made exclusively for you. Follow the instructions to create a new account. After the account has been successfully created, log in, and you’ll discover five credits instantly. Each credit is worth one image, so right off the bat you can download five free, high-quality images.

The rest of the images will come over the next seven days, where you will get five free credits per day. At the end of seven days, you will have 35 credits on your account to use however you wish. These credits won’t expire for an entire year, enabling you to download whatever photo you want, whenever you want.

The 15 percent discount will come into play when you make your first purchase. It doesn’t matter if you choose one of their monthly subscriptions, or you elect to purchase credits. The new credits you pay for will have the same stipulations as the 35 free credits. Each credit is worth one photo, and the credits won’t expire for a full 365 days. There you have it – how to get a DepositPhotos discount immediately. Enjoy your photos!

Three Common Methods in Purchasing Cheap Stock Photos

There are three common methods of purchasing cheap stock photos from cheap stock photo sites: on-demand downloads, monthly subscription, and daily downloads. Depending on your creative needs and budget, you can choose a method that works for you. Most stock photo agencies offer these methods, which you can get through cash, credit cards or PayPal. Here is a brief description of every method to help you figure out which is best for you.


  • On-Demand Downloads. On-demand downloads use credits as currency. It is the most flexible service that a stock photo agency can offer. It allows you to download a stock photo cheap at any time you want. Basically, you can access collections and licenses and download those using credits. Typically, these credits are valid for one year- giving you plenty of time to use them.
  • Monthly Subscription. The simplest and most popular services among cheap stock photo sites, monthly subscription allows you to choose a number of cheap stock images you want to purchase every month. As long as your subscription remains active, your unused downloads will be rolled over to the next month. You also have the option to cancel your subscription any time as stated in the subscription agreement.

If you need stock photos cheap for a month, this is the perfect solution. It allows you to access high resolution images from a collection of millions of images and download them until you reach your quota. Some stock agencies even let you customize monthly subscriptions to fit your creative needs. Moreover, if you need more images over a short period, you can top up your downloads for extra images.

  • Daily Subscription. If you need to download a large amount of images every day, your best option is the daily subscription. It is specifically designed for large companies and government entities that require up to 250 images per day. Typically, daily subscriptions are renewed automatically to prevent service interruption. You can decide to cancel your subscription by updating it prior to renewal.


When deciding which method of purchasing cheap stock photos works for you, you should consider your creative needs and budget. If you require only a few images over a short period of time, the on-demand download is the best option for you. If you require a specific number of images in a month on a regular basis, you are good with a monthly subscription. On the other hand, if you require a large number of images daily, the daily subscription is your best bet.

Which method are you currently employing? If you want to get the most of your purchase method, consider the above description. It will help you choose the method that best fits your needs.

3 DepositPhotos Coupon Secrets You Never Knew

depositphotos-logoDepositPhotos is not your run-of-the-mill stock photo imaging service. If they were, they would seem very plain, blasé and just not very interesting. Aside from the fact that they offer millions of images organized into 36 distinct categories, and if you ignore the fact that they offer their service in 20 different languages, you’ll find DepositPhotos offers perks behind the scenes. Here we’re going to talk about three DepositPhotos coupon recommended by Stock Photo Secrets that you never knew.


The first one is that DepositPhotos offers more than just photos. Aside from photographs, they provide illustrations, vector drawings, editorial and news images, and high definition stock video footage. Illustrations are digital drawings done by graphic designers, as are the vector drawings. The difference is that vector drawings use much more primitive shapes to convey the message. They use polygons, lines, circles and curves. Editorial and News images are just like the photos, except that the people, places, and events are recognizable and have strict guidelines that say you can only use them as subtext for noncommercial purposes. The high-definition footage is just that. They are video clips taken with the high-definition video camera and edited for marketing purposes. Most television commercials use some form of stock footage in their ads – and most people don’t even realize it.


The second secret is a DepositPhotos offers free images. Who knew? On the home page, if you scroll all the way down, you’ll find what is known as foot links. These are the links that get you into the real meat of websites. You’ll usually find back links like About Us, Contact, and possibly a few legal disclaimers. On the DepositPhotos front page, you’ll find that the foot links are divided into four categories. In the first category under the title of the same name, DepositPhotos, you’ll find a list of links such as About Us, Our Plans and Prices, DepositPhotos Blog and more. The 11th one down is a link called Free Files. It’s the second to last link in the list. Click on it, and you’ll be brought to a page where they offer 48 different images every day. Each one of these images is free.


The third secret is that DepositPhotos offers an affiliate program and a contractor program. The affiliate program works just as the name implies. You become an affiliate, sell photos and earn a commission. The contractor program is different because DepositPhotos will pay you for your photos. How else do you think DepositPhotos came up with millions of different images? Individuals just like you and I contributed and got paid for it.

So there we have it – three DepositPhotos secrets you never knew.