3 DepositPhotos Coupon Secrets You Never Knew

depositphotos-logoDepositPhotos is not your run-of-the-mill stock photo imaging service. If they were, they would seem very plain, blasé and just not very interesting. Aside from the fact that they offer millions of images organized into 36 distinct categories, and if you ignore the fact that they offer their service in 20 different languages, you’ll find DepositPhotos offers perks behind the scenes. Here we’re going to talk about three DepositPhotos coupon recommended by Stock Photo Secrets that you never knew.


The first one is that DepositPhotos offers more than just photos. Aside from photographs, they provide illustrations, vector drawings, editorial and news images, and high definition stock video footage. Illustrations are digital drawings done by graphic designers, as are the vector drawings. The difference is that vector drawings use much more primitive shapes to convey the message. They use polygons, lines, circles and curves. Editorial and News images are just like the photos, except that the people, places, and events are recognizable and have strict guidelines that say you can only use them as subtext for noncommercial purposes. The high-definition footage is just that. They are video clips taken with the high-definition video camera and edited for marketing purposes. Most television commercials use some form of stock footage in their ads – and most people don’t even realize it.


The second secret is a DepositPhotos offers free images. Who knew? On the home page, if you scroll all the way down, you’ll find what is known as foot links. These are the links that get you into the real meat of websites. You’ll usually find back links like About Us, Contact, and possibly a few legal disclaimers. On the DepositPhotos front page, you’ll find that the foot links are divided into four categories. In the first category under the title of the same name, DepositPhotos, you’ll find a list of links such as About Us, Our Plans and Prices, DepositPhotos Blog and more. The 11th one down is a link called Free Files. It’s the second to last link in the list. Click on it, and you’ll be brought to a page where they offer 48 different images every day. Each one of these images is free.


The third secret is that DepositPhotos offers an affiliate program and a contractor program. The affiliate program works just as the name implies. You become an affiliate, sell photos and earn a commission. The contractor program is different because DepositPhotos will pay you for your photos. How else do you think DepositPhotos came up with millions of different images? Individuals just like you and I contributed and got paid for it.

So there we have it – three DepositPhotos secrets you never knew.

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