How You Can Get a DepositPhotos Discount Instantly

depositphotos-categoriesWhen it comes to your marketing strategy, nothing provides better value for the money than stock photos. However, stock photos aren’t exactly cheap. If you examine some of the more expensive packages, you can be paying more than $900 for a single photo. At that cost, you might as well have your own photo shoot in the world nicest hotel located in the world’s most expensive resort.

Your average stock photo does not cost $900. In fact, you can expect be paying anywhere from $2 – $10 for stock photos that work well for you and do their job. However, if you do your research – and you are, or you wouldn’t be here – you can get a DepositPhotos discount instantly. This discount entails 35 and free photos over the period of a seven-day free trial, plus an instant 15 percent discount on your first purchase.

If you consider the fact that DepositPhotos has a library with over 19 million images, you’re getting quite a deal. We’re able to bring you this deal exclusively through Stock Photo Secrets because we negotiated directly with the owners of the website to create this win-win scenario. Here’s how it works.

register-in-depositphotosBefore you sign up for a brand-new account with DepositPhotos, visit us first as you need to use our link to get this discount. This link will bring you to a special Stock Photo Secrets page that DepositPhotos made exclusively for you. Follow the instructions to create a new account. After the account has been successfully created, log in, and you’ll discover five credits instantly. Each credit is worth one image, so right off the bat you can download five free, high-quality images.

The rest of the images will come over the next seven days, where you will get five free credits per day. At the end of seven days, you will have 35 credits on your account to use however you wish. These credits won’t expire for an entire year, enabling you to download whatever photo you want, whenever you want.

The 15 percent discount will come into play when you make your first purchase. It doesn’t matter if you choose one of their monthly subscriptions, or you elect to purchase credits. The new credits you pay for will have the same stipulations as the 35 free credits. Each credit is worth one photo, and the credits won’t expire for a full 365 days. There you have it – how to get a DepositPhotos discount immediately. Enjoy your photos!

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