Weekly Shutterstock Free Images, Vectors and More

shutterstock-homeShutterstock prides itself as one of the largest and most vibrant stock photo websites in the market. It caters to all creative professionals, including bloggers, businesses, web designers and photographers. With stock files coming from photographers in over 100 countries, it offers a wide variety of images. You will surely find what you are looking for. However, these are not only the reasons why you should consider the stock site as your primary image bank.

Shutterstock offers free creative files every week. Every week for the duration of your free account, you are entitled to one image and one vector every week.

  • Shutterstock Free Photo of the Week. Shutterstock makes the sign up process extra tempting by offering free photos every week. All the images are available in high resolution, which is rare with all the free images scattered around the Internet. The photos are also available in all sizes. You will surely find the right size for your creative projects. Moreover, the images are available in standard licenses – allowing you to use the images for anything.
  • Shutterstock Free Vector of the Week. What is a vector? Most people who are not graphic designers do not understand what vector art is. Let us help you bridge the gap. Vector is created using vector illustration programs. These programs use geometric primitives and mathematic equations to create a clean, camera-ready and infinitely scaled art. Vector is generally used for logos as the art does not become distorted when the picture is enlarged.The free vector of the week can be enjoyed upon registration to the website. The free account entitles you to high resolution vector images in various sizes. You can download any size that fits your creative needs for free. It also comes with a standard license, allowing you to use the vector in any project for as long as you like. If you need the vector for larger prints and advertising, just upgrade to an Enhanced License anytime.


Shutterstock provides not only free photos and vectors of the week but a lot more. You can browse through over 70 million photos, illustrations, vectors and more by just setting up a free account. All these are available at simple and flat pricing. You can choose between purchasing a single image or subscribing to a plan, whichever suits your budget and creative needs. Moreover, you can edit your images for free with the use of the new innovative tool Shutterstock Editor.

Find everything you need for your creative projects now. Download instantly with a Shutterstock free account and get subscriptions and images on demand for your budget. You can visit this link for a better understanding of Shutterstock pricing. Download the free application from App Store and Google Play Store to search for images anywhere and anytime.

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